Digital has its roots everywhere and in everything we do today. However, leveraging its possibilities requires game changing ideas. Intelligent development strategies. The successful implementation of visions and innovations. And capable investment partners. d:ig was founded to help entrepreneurs and companies like you transform your great idea into a great digital business. The deeper you dig, the stronger your foundation for success.

On the surface:
Who we are.

d:ig is deeply entrenched in the digital space. We understand its dynamics. We are at home in the digital culture. In fact, we live it every day in our own company and through our heritage. d:ig is the incubator and company builder of the Cassini AG – a successful player in the German digital B2B market for more than 10 years in the areas of consulting, technology and talent management. Cassini clients include innovative corporations as well as top management from Germany’s largest digital companies. The more than 300 employees of the Cassini Group generated a turnover of 42 Mio. € in 2017.

Partnering with d:ig lets entrepreneurs and companies on a rapid expansion path profit from the deep experience of some of the best digital business consultants in Germany.  In addition to the support of a co-investment partner that shares your risks, you also gain access to our professional structures and an extended network of potential customers and partners.